The Future of Law and the Impact of Outsourcing – Part II (Date follows..)

Following the success of the Future of Law webinar, a new Part II is in the works.

Stay tuned for more insights from our expert panel in a timely global debate on the future of the legal profession and the growth in delivery of legal support services via outsourcing and cloud technology.

The Future of Law – Part I was presented on October 26, 2011:

Cerebra LPO, together with Bierce & Kenerson, P.C. and PA Consulting and expert panel guests will convene an interactive webinar to discuss the implications of cloud, change and outsourcing in the legal sector.

The Panelists:

Some of the questions to be discussed are:

1.   Is the business of Law the “New New Thing”?
2.   Is LPO the skeleton of the new law firm?
3.   Where is the demark between law and legal services?
4.   Does LPO raise the stakes for law firms & counsel in services delivery?
5.   Does LPO enhance the delivery of law?
6.   Will LPO be the next BPO or F&A in the outsourcing sector?
7.   Are the larger outsourcing players getting in – or still circling?
8.   What factors contribute to a successful LPO, professional services offering?
9.   What industries, sectors will be most impacted and stand to gain most?
10. How prevalent will the role of technology such as Cloud be in services delivery?
11. What role will foreign translation services play in this new law firm model?


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